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Corporate culture


Ⅰ、Innovating persistently, and making effort with keen determination.

Handan Yuchang Auto Parts Co., Ltd  regards technical innovation, and management progress as the soul of permanent development of the factory, the Factory encourages technology introduction and innovation, attaches importance to development, upgrading and updating of products, and innovation is our eternal pursuit.

Ⅱ、Carry out work with speedy and strict enforcement, and be efficient.

Carry out work with speedy and strict enforcement is the embodiment of work value in our factory. It is the basic skill of employee to be efficient, and improve business level and management standard. “Survival of the best, Elevating person with ability, and washing out mediocrity is the positive affirmation to the talented person, and a basic operation philosophy of the Factory as well, therefore, our factory obtains long-lasting internal development power.

Ⅲ、Cooperation and mutual benefit and common development

Our factory not only exists for profit, but also for the caring for customers, and sincere help for our business partners. Our group is continously growing for “mutual profit, and think in the same way as our customers for honest and sincere interactive marketing. We are glad to create maximum economic effects for our customers with superior products and in-time after-sale service.
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